AWS- Solutions Architect Associate

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Amazon Web Services has been gaining a lot of popularity and is one of the highly demanded professions in the world. Every organization is looking for an AWS Certified Developer who understands the techniques and has the skills to run and manage cloud-based applications. AWS is used all around the world, helping organizations with automating their complex applications. AWS Training and Certification will help you learn the techniques and acquire the skills that are needed to become an expert.

The present and future of IT is all about Cloud and Cloud Computing thus there will be a growing demand for Cloud solutions architects as most of the companies, be it small, medium or big are going towards Cloud platform. Right now there are many good and popular Cloud providers like Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and, Amazon Web Service or AWS is the leading Cloud Platform provider thus it would be a very wise decision for now and future for you to get certified for your AWS skills.

Some of the topics which you will learn:

  • Introduction to AWS: Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) is a subsidiary of Amazon which provides on demand Application programming interface and cloud computing platforms to companies, individuals, and governments, on a metered pay as you go basis.
  • Security Management in AWS: This topic covers various security-specific tools and features that AWS provides across network security, access control, data encryption and configuration management. AWS environments are consistently inspected, with certifications from authorization bodies across the globe.
  • Object Storage Options in AWS: With AWS object storage solutions like Amazon Glacier and Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) you manage your storage in one place with a user friendly application interface which also gives you option to use plans to optimize storage costs wearing among multiple storage classes automatically.
  • Amazon EC2: Some of the main benefits of AWS EC2 are its elastic load balancing for traffic which gives complete control of servers.

Benefits of AWS – Solutions Architect Associate:

  1. Prepare for the future trends in technology and jobs.
  2. In a published survey it was found that 80% of people got a higher salary benefits by completing AWS course.
  3. Another report suggested 52% of professionals said AWS Solutions Architect Associate course expanded their career opportunities.
  4. 87% of hiring teams value practical experience and certifications as compared to university degree when evaluating candidates.
  5. According to a LinkedIn report, in March of 2021 it was said that cloud professionals are earning an average base salary of $117,667.

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