Scrum Master Professional Prep Course (PSM -1)

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Join the thousands of others who’ve completed this top-rated course and learned how to use Scrum.

You can do this! This course is taught by a Scrum trainer who lives really in Scrum world. In this course, you learn to categorize projects based on their level of uncertainty. Then you will be familiar with Agile and Scrum history. In next step, we will dive into the three main categories of Scrum as Scrum Roles, Events, and Artifacts. The course will be followed by complementary concepts of Scrum.

The spirit of Scrum, Scrum Values, will be navigated to learn what real Scrum means. Without them, Scrum would be a robot without heartbeat. Estimation is the next topic that we will investigate deeply. One of the most interesting topic in this course is Value Stream Pipeline which shows you what happens for a feature when it is requested by a customer for the first time, move through a pipeline until it is delivered to the initial customer again. We will talk a bit about scaled Scrum.

Finally, we bring a lot of tips and tricks materials which help all candidates who want to pass the PSM I exam.

 Scrum Product Owner Course Outline:
  1. Cynefin Model
  2. What is Agile?
  3. What is Scrum?
  4. Scrum Roles
  5. Scrum Events
  6. Scrum Artifacts
  7. Complementary Concepts of Scrum
  8. Scrum Values
  9. Estimation
  10. Value Stream Pipeline
  11. Scaled Scrum
  12. PSM I Exam

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